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By | October 28, 2021
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Today the crime rate is very high, and personal protection measures have become a necessity in our daily lives. From sexual assault to robbery to murder, crime is unpredictable and anyone can fall prey to it. So it is always advisable to pay attention. The Zich app is available to help. Downloading the Zich app connects you to a community of general public who can help each other in times of crisis like this. The app also has tools with which you can keep yourself safe. Let us move on to the features of the app to know more about it.

Founder-Zich What is App?

Zitch networking app was founded by Nilanjan Das in June 2021 and has become a solution that connects people for mutual safety. Well, it is amazing personal security app which is developing and optimizing technologies like AI to increase the reliability.


Zich is the world’s first community-based approach to personal safety. A platform that connects people to the community and provides tools to help each other. An app that evolves with the change in technology and harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to tackle all kinds of physical abuse and accidents.

“Zich is the belief that you don’t have to rely on anyone to solve a problem. With the right tools, you can solve it yourself.”

-Nilanjan Das, Founder of Zitch App

Features of Zych, a personal security app

Also, to make this Zitch review more precise, we will be discussing some important features of Zitch app download.

1. Receive fake phone calls to chase and escape situations

zich app

Making a call is often useful, especially if the stalker is following you or traveling alone in a taxi late at night. With the ability to get this personalized fake phone women safety app you can help pretend that someone is on the other side who knows where you are. You can also customize the timing of the fake phone call so that you can receive it anytime. It also helps to avoid boring meetings.

2. Automatically share location in case of emergency

networking app

You can select certain contacts to automatically send SOS alerts in case of problems. Again, with the location tracking app you can also share a location with these trusted contacts and disable that location if it’s safe.

3. Automatically send AV recordings in case of emergency

You can further enhance your security by downloading the Zich app. Instantly send audio and video recordings to pre-selected trusted friends with a single tap or voice command. For crimes like dacoity, this feature helps in identifying the culprit.

4. Send SOS Alerts with Voice Commands

How to send emergency messages on your iPhone

This is a premium feature, but it is a great feature. You can use voice commands on your Android or iOS device to send SOS alerts to your contacts instantly. Apart from this, you can use these voice commands to take advantage of other features like sending audio and video, sharing location, etc.

5. Send a Customized Emergency Card

family sharing app

Another feature in this Zitch app review that needs some awareness is the emergency card, an additional pillar for personal safety. Quickly send a customized emergency card to a trusted contact to help you understand the confidentiality of the situation.

6. Different Alerts for Different Situations

send SOS alert

There are, of course, many possible situations, such as working alone in the office late at night or being robbed. Therefore, there are different types of color alerts that Zych can send to app users. An orange warning indicates that the level of emergency is still mild. However, red alerts are used in very sensitive situations. You can send SOS alerts to finalists in your circle.

7. Price

Most of the features described in this Zitch App review are free, but there are some features you can get by unlocking the premium segment of Zitch App downloads. Let’s take a look at that premium plan.

Zich App Premium Subscription Fee

term of office






Advantages and Disadvantages of Zich Women’s Safety App

To make sure this Zitch review is the most accurate possible, we have listed some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Zitch networking app.

Advantages of Jitch Networking App

  • great sos app
  • Convenient functions such as sharing AV and location information
  • Use AI to connect people with nearby respondents

Disadvantages of Zich Personal Safety App

  • Voice command is a premium feature

Zitch Review Additional Info

Additional Information

crazy rating

price ceiling-4.2
the protection-4.7

So this is all about Zitch Family Sharing App review. Now, the features of this family sharing app show that the app is a good idea for personal safety. And there is no doubt that it will not only increase the number of users, but also contribute effectively in making the world a safer place to live.

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