Would you like to make your first Thanksgiving dinner in 2021?Advice on turkey thawing, leftover storage, and other disaster avoidance methods

By | November 14, 2021
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NEW YORK—The advice started coming in when Christopher Huey tweeted that he was working on the first Thanksgiving turkey last year.

Salty. Please do not worry. Try “patch cocking” – open and grill the bird. Don’t forget to turn on the oven, and expect some burns.


“One of the overarching examples is that poultry are dry, inedible and nomadic,” said Charlotte, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. “The other extreme is that we all have to take immediate care.”

Food experts can avoid disasters and keep everyone healthy by following a few basic tips as rookie cooks are nervous about trying the first Turkey Day spread. I say I can.

plan in advance

When it comes to food, experts say it starts well before the big day. Common mistake: I don’t plan to prepare all the dishes on time. This involves leaving the frozen turkey enough time to thaw in the refrigerator. In refrigerators, the temperature is high enough to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Each 4-5 pounds takes a day to thaw, which can take several days depending on the size of the turkey. Otherwise, if you put the frozen turkey in the oven, the bird will look nice brown, but it may still be cold inside.

“Basically, you’ll get a raw turkey popsicle, which may taste good,” said Frank Pronto of the New York Institute for Culinary Education.

cook bird

When the bird is thawed, experts tell it to resist the tendency to wash the bird before cooking it. This allows bacteria to fly around. Thorough cooking can kill the bacteria in the turkey.

Making sure the bird is properly cooked (the thickest part should be 165 degrees F) also means using a meat thermometer. Contrary to the advice many people have given to Huey, experts are not fans of pop-up thermometers that get stuck in some birds.

“These are not always effective in setting the temperature,” said Angela Shaw, a specialist in food safety extension at Iowa State University.

There’s some debate about this, but the show also recommends cooking stuffing on the outside of the turkey. Otherwise, she said it could pick up bacteria from the birds. She added that heating the stuffing to kill bacteria could mean burning or drying the turkey.


Even after everyone has eaten, temperature control can be an issue. Experts say that leftovers will be refrigerated within 2 hours. This is because bacteria can grow rapidly in leftover food.

However, leftover food doesn’t last forever, and it’s important to practice proper food safety habits to prevent the spread of food poisoning. As a general guideline, the US Department of Health and Human Services recommends eating or freezing turkey and other leftovers within 3-4 days. For Thanksgiving, that means you should eat or freeze until Monday.

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    Dried, overcooked birds are a major concern for Celeste Molina, who for a pandemic tends to stay at home with her mates and roommates rather than spend time with her family. Molina, who works for a screen printing company in Portland, Oregon, knows how terrifying her first attempt will be. A few years ago, her aunt burned a Thanksgiving bird.

    “We’ve come to her house, and she’s like, ‘I’m going to order McDonald’s from you,'” she said.

    Molina isn’t worried about the turkey at first, but just in case, she and her partner will buy the roast chicken with them.

    Lori DeSanti, a real estate agent in Meriden, Connecticut, would also make her first turkey with her husband instead of visiting her father and relatives’ homes.

    DeSanti isn’t too concerned about turkey—she was never a big fan—and focuses on pulling off stuffing recipes.

    “That’s what I’m more worried about being ruined,” she said.

    Advance planning could be important this year for other reasons. The rally is expected to be low, so make sure you have birds of the right size available.

    In the suburbs of Detroit, Robin Dwoskin plans to get turkey breasts instead of whole birds as a first attempt at the Thanksgiving spread. She’s cooked turkey breasts in the slow cooker before, but she still doesn’t know what to make for Thanksgiving.

    “We’re in denial that we’re actually celebrating Thanksgiving this year,” said Dwoskin, who owns a social media engagement company.

    Returning to North Carolina, Huey is rethinking his game plan by making dinner for his ex-wife and son.

    “Honestly, I hate to say it. I’m thinking about cheating,” said Hugh, who owns a healthcare tech company. “I think the next destination will be to make a perfectly cooked turkey. The place is.”

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    Would you like to make your first Thanksgiving dinner in 2021? Advice on thawing turkey, storing leftovers, and other disaster prevention methods

    Source Link Would you like to make your first Thanksgiving dinner in 2021? Advice on thawing turkey, storing leftovers, and other disaster prevention methods