Vice President Kamala Harris Visits New Jersey to Promote COVID Vaccination

By | October 8, 2021
Florida News Times
NEWARK, NJ (WABC) — New Jersey is making significant improvements Friday, encouraging more residents to get the COVID vaccine.

Vice President Kamala Harris is traveling while the tri-state region prepares for an imminent expansion of the vaccine eligibility pool.


The Vice President will visit the vaccination center at Essex County College on Friday afternoon to continue the latest efforts to get people vaccinated.

She also plans to go to Montclair State University to promote the President’s Early Childhood Education Program.

In the meantime, babies may be eligible for the vaccine right away. Pfizer formally requested the FDA to approve a COVID-19 vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The dosage is one-third of the strength given to adults given in two injections.

A decision is expected sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving. That means kids in that age group can be shot in just a few weeks.

The decision affects more than 28 million children nationwide.

In New Jersey, the governor says vaccines and boosters are encouraged for the winter months.

“It will happen somehow. I don’t know how to avoid it. But I think running against it is a positive step against it. It’s a consistently high vaccination rate. It’s a booster. The message is clear to make sure it’s there.” For that we need to work with the federal government again.”

State school staff must be vaccinated or randomly tested by October 18.

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Vice President Kamala Harris visits New Jersey to promote COVID vaccination

Source Link Vice President Kamala Harris visits New Jersey to promote COVID vaccination