Those who choose not to be vaccinated do not have to pay for COVID care in the hospital.

By | November 11, 2021
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When I went to Melbourne for coffee with a friend earlier this week, the waiter checked my vaccination status before allowing me to sit down. But for Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT without vaccinations, there are no clubs, coffee catch-ups or movies.

Many employers exceed the minimum amount required by the government and, in part, require all employees to be vaccinated. Ensuring a safe workplace.


These obligations are designed to reduce the number and consequences of COVID-19 when Australia’s “blockade” continues. People are also encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible by bringing separate rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Singapore went a step further this week by announcing that people who are not vaccinated by their choice will have to pay for their own health care.

This is not the right way to encourage vaccination and should not be replicated in Australia.

What if a non-vaccinated Singaporean becomes infected with COVID?

In Singapore, there is a “Medical Savings Account” where people can pay their medical bills and keep their balance. Distribution of his property on death.

Under the new policy, non-vaccinated Singaporeans will continue to receive care, but may cost significantly more when they recover, or if they do recover. Care in COVID-related hospitals can be costly and can easily wipe out your medical savings account balance.

Singapore New Policy This is done with the best intention of reducing the demand for expanded medical systems by making avoidable hospitalization of people unvaccinated.

Why are we asking us to follow Singapore’s lead

Despite high vaccination coverage in Australia (more than 80% of people over the age of 16 have been twice vaccinated) and COVID cases are declining, and hospitals in New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT are still under pressure .

And while people who haven’t been vaccinated are only a small part of the population of these jurisdictions, almost all of you won’t be vaccinated if you have a COVID at your bedside in an intensive care unit.

Former NSW Premier Bob Carr backed Singapore’s approach and called on Australia to follow suit.

Others are riding the trend.. I strongly disagree.

The importance of universal health – for all

The Australian Medicare System provides universal health care for medical and public hospital care. It is not just a system for the poor or for the well-behaved. It promotes social cohesion.

Widespread vaccination has always been the best way out of the blockade and reopening the Australian-state border. The Grattin Institute reports Passport and other strategies to encourage race-supported vaccination by 80. Where should these nudges go to increase vaccination coverage though?

It is a bridge to undermine the universality of Medicare by excluding non-vaccinated people from financial protection.

Sure, I think opposing boxers should know better. Their vaccination status makes it a risk for us and for all of us.

But Singapore’s policy statement hides the root of the problem. It is intended for those who have not been vaccinated by choice.

Evidence is that vaccination in Australia, as well as other aspects of health care, suffers from a clear social trend. Vaccination rates are low among poor and poorly educated people.

This may be due to vaccinations from their poorly organized lives and inability to take vacations and precarious employment. They can be vulnerable to false information campaigns.

In any case, their “choice” cannot be informed and freed.

Government vaccination program failure

Penalties to exclude non-vaccinated Australians from Medicare are a convenient way to transfer responsibility for government failure to individuals.

Initially, the federal government was not easily vaccinated. And the government failed to ensure that the entire population had all the information needed to make the right vaccination decisions.

When unvaccinated people are taken out of Medicare, these government failures magically become a problem for some individuals and are no longer political failures.

Where will you go next if you exclude unvaccinated people?

Medicare today can exclude non-vaccinated people from protection, smokers after drinking tomorrow, or those who don’t jog, or who don’t have private health insurance.

Hospital emergency department staff must regularly care for the drink driver and his victims on the same day. It is their moral obligation to treat everyone equally. Likewise, it may seem depressing at first glance, but there should still be a health care system for people without vaccinations.

The NS health system must exist not only for those who look like us, but also for those we love, not only for those we support our choices, but for all.

The nudge, which encourages people to get vaccinated, is a good public policy. But if they undermine universal health care, these good policies will do more harm than good.

Singapore stopped paying medical bills for “not vaccinated by choice”

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People who choose not to vaccinate do not have to pay for COVID care in the hospital.

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