The dog was rescued after surviving five days in a narrow gap in New York State Park, Ulster County.

By | October 14, 2021
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Ulster County, NY (WABC) – The family dog ​​returned home safely after being rescued from a five-day stranded state park in Ulster County.

On Tuesday night, a 12-year-old dog named Lisa was rescued from a rocky rift in the Minawaska State Park Reserve.


She escaped her owner last Thursday while strolling the Gertrude Nose trail and vanished from sight in a narrow ditch.

His owner could still hear his bark.

Officers attempted to rescue some people using a special plumbing camera, but were still unable to contact him.

Eventually, two members of the New Jersey Cave Rescue Team stepped into the ditch and brought the plumbing camera too close to it.

A rescue team was able to obtain a modified extended catch pole around the dog. It was raised close enough to be placed in a rescue pack and carried to the surface of the water.

“This caused the vertical cracks to harden and the horizontal cracks to harden even more,” said Mark Dickey, head of the New Jersey early response team. “Only our youngest team member, Jessica Van Oude, was able to squeeze and deform more than 40 feet above the surface to reach the dog. The incident was an animal, a child. It reminded us of an adult failure. It can be deadly near caves and rocks. This time, in collaboration with experts from New York State Parks and the Ulster County SPCA. I was happy to have the best possible result.”
Liza went without food or water for five days. He can be seen licking the damp walls of the camera’s crevices, perhaps providing himself with the moisture that helped him survive.

Despite the trials, Liza was not seriously injured.

“Not only do we get these positive results in such cases, but it is always heartening to see that so many people are coming together and risking their lives to save animals.” Ulster County SPCA Managing Director Gina Carbonari said. “We were all worried that the dog would not survive until Jessica made contact and could hear the movement. The superficial joy of the news was simply unbelievable, this little dog. Renewed everyone’s motivation to make it safe. Everyone there played a part in achieving this—an amazing team effort by multiple agencies.”

Officials used this story as an opportunity to remind pet owners to keep their dogs on leash.

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The dog was rescued after surviving five days in a narrow gap in a New York State Park, Ulster County.

Source Link The dog was rescued after surviving five days in a narrow gap in New York State Park, Ulster County.