The community prepares 500 Thanksgiving meals for their needy neighbors

By | November 25, 2021
Florida News Times


On Thanksgiving morning, the neighborhood of Estero gathers to serve 500 meals to those in need.


The Copperleaf community provides them to poor families living throughout Bonita Springs, which are only a few miles from the gates of this neighborhood, and who can’t make it to the store to catch a turkey this holiday. They are all customers of the charity Cafe of Life, which serves mainly Hispanic families, the working poor around Bonita Springs. Explain that 10% of them are homeless and almost all are “transitioning” in their lives, whether that means single mothers, lost jobs or immigrant families. this is done.

Residents of Copper Reef have been cooking food for these families in separate houses for the past few days. On Thursday those meals will be hosted at the Community Clubhouse and sent to the four Cafe of Life sites distributed to families. More than 80 people in the Copper Reef community have volunteered to help cook, organize and transport their food. They say the chance to actually do something, not just write a check, is a great reward in itself.

“They are real people who are very grateful and willing to negotiate with us to get food,” said lead organizer Doreen Evans. “I think it’s the best experience of all. Everyone out there says: Thank you. Thank you.” So we have much more than what we give. There is no doubt about it.”

Evans started the initiative three years ago when he said he was looking for a meaningful way to spend Thanksgiving with his granddaughter. Rumors spread throughout the neighborhood, and now 500 meals will be served on Thursday, including 31 trays of shredded turkey with gravy sauce, 14 trays of mashed potatoes, 14 trays of stuffing, 40 pies and 500 boiled eggs.

“I hope it’s a sense of love, a sense of sharing, a sense of community, and that we are local and not far from where these people live,” Evans said. “Hopefully we’ll share our love and food.”

The community prepares 500 Thanksgiving meals for its neighbors in need

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