Perpetrator with a bow and arrow kills 5 people in Norway

By | October 14, 2021
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Denmark, Copenhagen (AP)

In a small town in Norway, a man armed with a bow fired an arrow at a shopkeeper on Wednesday, killing five people, officials said.


A police chief from the Kongsberg community near Oslo’s capital said there was a “conflict” between police and criminals, but did not elaborate. Police said two others were injured and hospitalized in the intensive care unit. These included the police officers present in the store, who were attacked during off-hours.

“The person who committed this act has been arrested by the police and will not be actively looking for anyone else. Based on the information we have, one person is behind this. Police Chief Oying Aas said.

Acting Prime Minister Erna Solberg described the attack as “terrible” and said it was too early to speculate on the motivation. Jonas Gal Stol, who was appointed prime minister to take office on Thursday, called the attack “brutal and brutal” in a commentary to Norwegian news agency NTB.

Police were warned of an attack at around 6:15 pm and the suspect was arrested about 30 minutes later. A community of about 26,000 inhabitants lies approximately 66 km (41 mi) south-west of Oslo.

Police said the suspect turned around the city of Kongsberg and shot an arrow. Aas declined to comment on reports that the men used crossbows, saying there were only “a few crime scenes”.

Prithvi said that the man has not been cross-examined yet.

Norway’s domestic security agency PST was informed about the attack.

City officials called on people affected by the attack and their relatives to gather at a local hotel for help.

Mass slaughter is rare in Norway. The country’s worst peacetime massacre occurred on July 22, 2011, when right-wing extremist Andersbrevik bombed the Oslo capital, killing eight people. Then he headed to the small island of Utoya. There he pursued most of the juvenile members of the youth division of the Labor Party and killed an additional 69 victims.

Brevik was sentenced to a maximum of 21 years in prison under Norwegian law, but could extend his term as long as it was deemed dangerous to society.

Criminal killed 5 people with bow and arrow in Norway

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