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By | November 25, 2021
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With the invention of the smartphone, the burden of keeping diaries and notebooks to keep information safe has become obsolete. Today, tablets and smartphones only have access to other features such as keeping documents, long notes, books safe, and improving accessibility.

However, some offline and online notebook manufacturers still have limitations. There isn’t enough room on one page to note everything, or endless ads popping up in the middle of important tasks.


To save you from these problems, Map Note 2 for iOS was born. With this amazing note maker app, you can organize your notes without any hassle. It’s easy to use and designed to be available only to a casual digital notebook maker that’s ready to use.

This blog describes some of the important features of Map Note 2, a digital sticky note maker for smartphones. So stay with us till the end to know more.

Maps Note 2 Background for iOS

Founded by Naoya Anokida on January 9, 2020, Map Note 2 Infinity Note app is designed to solve problems like limited paper size. You can put your ideas on digital paper without worrying about empty space.

“I think the way the brain works when thinking about ideas is random and radial rather than linear. Traditional notes that need to be written from left to right are not very well suited to this process. This infinite size With the Notebook application, you can spread your ideas freely from the center of the page, so you can come up with ideas more naturally.”

-Founder Naoya Anokida-Map Note 2

Maps Note2 App Features

This best Note iPhone app is designed with some amazing features which the users definitely find important. ToDo List for iOS is a suitable tool for users of all ages, from students to professionals. Let’s take a look at its features to get a better understanding of how the best note-taking apps for iOS can help.

1. No page size limit

map note 2 app

The first feature that should be explained in this Maps Note 2 review is to free you from page size restrictions. You can write as many pages as you want and the app will support it. So you don’t need to create multiple pages or use Paint app to create simple graphics. Simply draw and build these graphs on one page, without losing track or searching separately later.

2. Add Pictures Easily

map note 2 app

With this note maker app you can also add images easily using copy and paste feature. Select an image from anywhere and paste it on your page to add it. Plus, Memo Creator can enlarge each part of the image at any time.

3. Use Folders to Organize Your Notes

map note 2 app

You can create a separate folder for each day or meeting notes in your class. These folders will help you find these notes easily and you can keep track of all the information stored in this online note taking tool.

4. iCloud Backup

map note 2 app

One of the coolest features that you will love in the best beauty note-taking apps is the ability to enable iCloud backup. So, if you lose your phone or face a hardware or software crash, you will not lose your data.

5. Price

The last feature we need to discuss in this Map Note 2 review is the Map Note 2 pricing factor. Digital notebook makers don’t have annoying interruptions of advertising. However, you will have to pay a lump sum to purchase Map Note 2, the top iOS note app. It costs $5.99 to get lifetime access to the app.

Pros and Cons of Maps Note2 App

To better understand the best note taking apps, it’s important to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits of Map Note 2 for iOS

  • no ads
  • Unlimited Page Size
  • iCloud Backup Support
  • easy to use
  • Suitable for students and professionals

Disadvantages of Map Note 2 for iOS

  • Free version not available

More about this Map Note 2 app review

other information

crazy rating

price ceiling-4.1
the protection-4.3

This Map Note 2 app review gives you insight into features and technical information to help you make a decision. Online Note Maker is the perfect tool to make sure your relevant needs are met. This is the best feature that we personally like best productivity apps. In other words, you can create memos, pictures etc. without worrying that they will be displayed on one page. The scaling feature also helps in scaling certain parts of the page. This is also a big advantage.

So, in the end, you should definitely try out the Map Note2 app, which is reliable and has all the features you need. Well, you also have a smartphone app, review the app You can contact MobileAppDaily expert to do so. We support the app from a marketing perspective.

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