Expect more expensive Thanksgiving dinners as food prices rise

By | November 11, 2021
Florida News Times

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Your grocery receipt may be low, but the amount you spend is high and you’re on time for Thanksgiving.


WINK News reporter Andrina Shepard has been tracking food prices for months and almost all have seen price increases.

Experts say this Thanksgiving is by far the most expensive, and a walk down the aisle is enough for the effect of a sticker to hurt your appetite.

According to a new report by the Labor Ministry, the average cost in October 2021 is 6.2% higher than in October last year.

This is the biggest increase in 30 years.

Plus, grocery shopping could get expensive due to the big rally set for Thanksgiving this year.

Victor Clare, Ph.D., associate professor of economics, Florida Gulf Coast University. “People are looking forward to returning with a big family, like they gathered before the pandemic. That’s why prices are going up.”

Some classics have popped up this month as well:

  • Publix’s 1-gallon milk rose 10 cents to $4.29.
  • Target’s 18-count egg carton rose 70 cents to $2.39.
  • Wal-Mart’s Nature’s Own Butterpan actually dropped 16 cents to $2.82.

Nationally, the USDA says the average price for all frozen turkeys is $1.39 per pound. This is about 25 cents more than last year.

However, I found turkeys ranging from 49 cents per pound to $1 at local Publix and Walmart and there were enough birds to roam.

“The good news is that most people only need one Thanksgiving bird,” Klar explained. “So I won’t buy six so that the next five don’t get one.”

When hosting Thanksgiving this year, experts recommend bringing it with you and bringing food for your guests to keep costs down.

Expect More Expensive Thanksgiving Dinners as Food Prices Rise

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