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By | November 11, 2021
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Finding information like credit card details and email addresses whenever you need them can be a headache, especially if all your data is scattered in different places. Hence, the top clipboard app for iPhone, Clipboard Pro is the right solution you need. The Clipboard iOS app allows you to save this information as a clip in the app, so you can easily access and share it with just a few taps.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at this amazing clipboard feature in the iPhone app. If you are looking for a handy memo app that can do multiple tasks like payments and notes, read this blog till the end.


clipboard pro app background

Before moving on to the review of this Clipboard Pro app, let’s first take a look at its background. The Clipboard app for iPhone devices was first released by Giuseppe Travasoni and Fabio Ugolini on November 23, 2020. This app Clipboard Pro Download is designed to be useful not only for personal use but also for professionals like artists, developers and designers. You can freely save different formats of content such as images and texts, so that a wide range of users can enjoy the function.

“We created Clipboard Pro to meet the needs we were experiencing. Instead of always having to search for files and apps, we needed something that would give us easy access to content. Time to reach me I had to look for different places instead of having everything readily available each time. Frankly, Clipboard Pro has become my favorite app. I did.”

-Founder, Clipboard Pro App

Features of Clipboard Pro App

In the future, we will discuss the important features of this amazing feature. Convenient memo app so you can better evaluate it later.

1. Always Have Important Data Ready

clipboard pro app

You can make your data always accessible so that you can share and use images, links, text, etc. at any time on this clipboard in the iPhone app. You rarely need to tap more than once to access your data again.

2. Search function to help you find data easily

clipboard pro app

No matter how much information you store in this clipboard app, you can easily access it at any time using the search bar. The search bar gives you the freedom to search the stored data using keywords. It saves time and facilitates data management in the app.

3. Widget for faster access


To make Clipboard Pro Download a comfortable to use app, it comes with a widget that you can access from the home screen itself. With just one tap, you can enter the app without looking at the app’s panel.

4. iCloud Sync


One feature that should definitely be mentioned in this Clipboard Pro review is its iCloud sync. With this feature, you can store your data in iCloud storage space so that you can access it from multiple devices like iPad and MacBook without any hassle.

5. Face ID support for added security


Face ID support is a feature that cannot be ignored, especially if you are reviewing Clipboard Pro. This feature provides a complete layer of security for your data and ensures that your data is protected from potential cyber attacks and theft.

How Do I Access the Clipboard on My iPhone?

The Clipboard Pro app can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store for iOS devices. For reference, the download link for this Clipboard iOS app is also at the end of this blog.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Clipboard Pro Download

When you’re done downloading the Clipboard Pro app, you’ll have access to its amazing features, but you might also notice any shortcomings. So let’s have a look at them-

Benefits of the Clipboard Pro App

  • can be installed for free
  • Support for multiple devices
  • supports dark mode
  • Comes with a Widget
  • Allows you to personalize your icons
  • Touch ID or Face ID to lock the app
  • You only need to copy one tap

Disadvantages of Clipboard Pro App

  • Premium features included

Clipboard iOS App Additional Info

Additional Information

crazy rating

Speciality- 4.8
the protection- 4.8
Navigation- 4.3
cost- 4.2

The Clipboard Pro app has a long way to go, but as it is a new app, its features and ease of use are amazing. This Clipboard Pro app review is done after an in-depth expert review of the app. Hence, you can download the app and use its amazing features to make your personal or professional work more comfortable.

Well, before we end this blog, we want to tell you what you can do if you own the app, get it reviewed by a MobileAppDaily expert. These app reviews will help your app reach more users and let you know if there is room for improvement in your app.

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