Britney Spears Week in Dancing with the Stars: Burke and Riggsby compete remotely for history with COVID, eliminating the second star

By | October 5, 2021
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Fairfax District – Round 3 of “Dancing with the Stars” was a “toxic,” “crazy” and “ridiculous” night. All 14 couples will perform to the music of Britney Spears. 13 The pair returned to the ballroom, but Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke each performed a distant jazz routine … and played a solo in the spotlight.

Cody and Cheryl both tested positive for COVID, so they were safely quarantined… they got the lowest judge scores for the night. But fans voted for another week.


Judge Derek Hough did not attend the live performance on Monday night because he may have been infected with COVID.

Amanda Kloots, JoJo Siwa and Olivia Jade all topped the judge’s scoreboard with 24 points out of 30.

In the end, it was reality star Christine Chiu who was eliminated in the third week. And she leaves without remorse.

“In my 15-year dream, I was able to dance three times on the ballroom floor of my dreams. I feel like I’m winning. I’m definitely winning,” says Chiu. stronger than . Tomorrow is stronger than today. it was a great experience.”

The cast and crew got to experience something completely new in the last 30 seasons. A couple was quarantined for COVID. Cheryl Burke was supposed to teach jazz routines to her partner Cody Rigsby via Zoom. And they played away from their respective homes, not directly to the judges.

“This week we not only had to fight COVID, but be a sound technician, a lighting technician, and build a set,” Rigsby said. “And when it comes to performances, it gave Britney the best energy at the VMAs!”

My fellow professional dancers were impressed.

“I support them,” said Val Chmerkovsky. “I’m glad he got the chance to return to the ballroom. I thought he did a great job in that position.

“I think having a shot at staying in the competition gives us all the hope,” says Jenna Johnson. I did

Next week’s “Dancing with the Stars” will cost twice as much as Disney. A Disney hero will appear on Monday night. And on Tuesday, it’s a Disney villain.

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Britney Spears Week in Dancing With the Stars: Burke and Rigsby compete remotely for history with COVID, eliminate second star

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