Siraj Mohd Anwar Delhi Riots: Bharuch police did not arrest Anti-Hindu Delhi riots accused

By | July 1, 2021
Siraj Mohd Anwar Delhi Riots

Siraj Mohd Anwar Delhi Riots: In a rare operation, the Gujarat police captured a dangerous criminal, Siraj Mohammed Anwar, an accused in the Anti-Hindu Delhi riots, from a restaurant in Bharuch, Gujarat, according to a video that has gone viral on social media platforms.

After receiving a tip, numerous social media users reported that the Bharuch police had conducted an operation to apprehend Anti-Hindu Delhi riots accused Siraj Mohammed Anwar and his accomplice after sharing a video of a covert operation that went viral on the internet.

Siraj Mohd Anwar Delhi Riots: Bharuch police did not arrest Anti-Hindu Delhi riots accused

Four plainclothes officers enter to a street-side eatery in Bharuch and seat at a table seen at the left end of the screen in the viral footage.

Siraj Mohd Anwar Delhi Riots: Bharuch police did not arrest Anti-Hindu Delhi riots accused

Siraj Mohd Anwar Delhi Riots: Bharuch police did not arrest Anti-Hindu Delhi riots accused

A few seconds later, the cops pounce on the accused across the table and apprehend them. More officers appear in the picture, encircling the suspects and preparing to arrest them.

Here’s a screenshot from a video that’s gone popular on social media, alleging that a suspect in the Anti-Delhi riots was apprehended by Gujarat police.

Despite the fact that the event is true and recent, it is unrelated to the Anti-Hindu Delhi riots, as some social media users have stated.

Check this out: The photograph that has gone viral on the internet was taken at a local guesthouse in Amarpura hamlet in the Saraswati taluka of Gujarat’s Patan district.

The CCTV footage taken at a wayside eatery on the outskirts of Patan district has nothing to do with anyone being arrested in connection with the Delhi riots.

The film is linked to an operation undertaken by Ahmedabad local crime branch officers to apprehend a notorious criminal sought for multiple crimes, according to the Times of India. During the operation, Gujarat police apprehended Kishor Luhar and three other criminals. He was apprehended by the police in a restaurant in Amarpura village, Saraswati taluka, Patan district.

The accused was armed with a handgun. Following the event, a video of the filmy arrest went viral. The officers were seen retrieving a handgun from the accused and pushing him to the ground in the footage.

The officers checked the three others who were with him while the accused was still laying face down. The officers then kicked Luhar in the shins to get him to get up.

The arrest was made on the evening of June 27th, according to CCTV video. According to the crime branch’s statement, the 29-year-old Luhar, a native of Deesa town in Banaskantha, was engaged in seven offences in Ahmedabad, five in Banaskantha district, and two in Rajasthan’s Sirohi and Jhalor districts.

Apart from the weapon, authorities discovered one magazine and five live cartridges from Luhar, who is sought for violating the Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act. The accused was wanted for 14 charges, including robbery and rape, according to reports.

In conjunction to this operation, the Bharuch police conducted another to apprehend a guy called Siraj Manzur Alam Ansari, who was suspected of possessing illegal weapons. Bharuch police detained Siraz and three other suspects in a separate operation and recovered weapons from his possession, including two handguns and 19 7.65 mm ammunition.

Siraj Manzur Alam Ansari, the accused, is a Bihar native who lives in Amod’s Bhimpura neighbourhood. According to Bharuch police, the culprit was apprehended on the Darol Chokdi highway in Bharuch. Siraj has been charged with violating the Arms Act.

Gujarat police conducted two distinct operations, none of which had anything to do with the Delhi riots case.

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