5 Best Port Forwarding Softwares For Mac And Windows

By | June 11, 2021
Port Forwarding Softwares For Mac And Windows

Online gaming is ruling the world like Hitler!! You have to play online games. I’d say it’s a rule and an interesting rule. But sometimes playing online games can be troublesome due to network issue. In the article, we will talk about the best port forwarding software for Windows and macOS that will improve your gaming experience.

You can choose the best gaming laptop for good gameplay but what about router connectivity? This is the point where port mapping software comes into play. They not only strengthen the connection but also make it secure while playing online. Now the question is, which port forwarding software is best for mapping? Here is the answer.

Best Port Forwarding Software for Mac and Windows

  1. simple port forwarding
  2. UPnP PortMapper
  3. pfconfig
  4. Mac. Port Forwarding Wizard for

Some of these port forwarding software are available for Windows and some are available for macOS, while some are available for both. To know more about these port mapping software see below list.

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Port Forwarding Software for Mac and Windows

Further in the article, you will read about the best port forwarding software for Mac and Windows with special features to choose from.

simple port forwarding

Available for: Windows

If you are looking for good port forwarding software for windows then Simple Port Forwarding is the best software. The software is available for free to the users. Although it also has a paid version. But, the free version is enough to manage router ports.

If the system is installed on Windows then the user does not need to visit the web interface of the router for connection. It can be accessed directly from Simple Port Forwarding software.

As per the paid version, it comes with more features and you can choose between the two as per your requirement. Today the software supports over 2500 routers and over 700 games. The multilingual feature of the software makes it the best port forwarding software for Windows. It can be downloaded in 50 different languages.

Simple port forwarding works by allowing the user to convert network addresses into static addresses with the help of IP addresses. It also allows the user to change the default DNS server if necessary.

UPnP PortMapper

Available for: Windows, macOS, Linux

UPnP Mapper is another port mapping software that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. UPnP-enabled routers in local networks are easy to use and manage.

Web, game servers, SSH and many other servers can be accessed with the help of this port mapping software. Furthermore, it allows the user to easily add, view and remove ports.

UPnP PortMapper will be the best choice for the users who want the network port configuration to be done easily. The software allows you to create a new port map or you can choose an already existing port. If you don’t want or hate to retrieve IP addresses manually then UPnP will be of great help to you.

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Available for: Windows

PFConfig would be the best choice for users who want to avoid configuration issues. Internet router is available in every home today. Many of us are unaware of the technicalities of configuring the setting for port forwarding or port mapping.

PFConfig is very helpful for newbies. All you have to do is download PFConfig, the port forwarding software, from the store, and install and configure it. The rest of the software is designed to be smart enough to understand what to do. You don’t need a guide just follow the three steps – download, install and configure and that’s it.

Mac. Port Forwarding Wizard for

Available for: macOS

As the name denotes this port forwarding software for Mac users. It is one of the best port forwarding software for macOS. The port mapping software supports Snow Leopard, Lion, and the above version of macOS.

After you enable the UPnP option the Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac will communicate with your device’s router as it requires UPnP standards for communication. Given below is a step-by-step guide on how to enable Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac.

  1. Download and Install Port Forwarding Wizard for macOS
  2. Enable UPnP option
  3. Launch the port mapping software.
  4. The software will detect the router. This will bring up the ongoing port forwarding entries for you.
  5. To add the port click on the add button and fill the required details.
  6. Be sure to include the port and internal IP address.

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Port Forwarding Software - AUTAPF
Source: Informant Technologies, Inc.

Available for: Windows

AUTAPF is the best choice as a port forwarding software for Windows users. The software allows the user to add a new port, delete and edit the current port if the user wants.

The best feature of AUTAPF is its status page which shows the user, current number of sessions and active threads on the network gateway i.e. router. The software allows the user to split multiplex UDP into different directions and capture data.

You can access the software through web interface or GUI interface depending on your preference.

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This was a list of the best port forwarding software for Windows and macOS. All these software can be downloaded for free from the internet and their trial versions are completely free. We have mentioned the special features of all above. Choose as per your requirement.

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